Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Out Of The Mouth Of Our Babe

Everywhere we go people always comment on how extensive Victoria's vocabulary is and what a "good talker" she is for only being two, and how well she interacts. To us she is more than just good at talking, she is incredibly smart and so eager to learn. She soaks up everything like a sponge, uses words and sentences in the right context-and has been for some time now. I read library books to her once and she can repeat exact sentences from the story and retell the story to me after hearing it for the first time. She has quite the imagination.
She amazes us all the time as parents. We have had several jaw dropping moments with her. Some of the things that come out of her little mouth are just too funny not to share and I don't want to keep forgetting them. So from now on I am going to record them here. 

We were talking about 'The Little Mermaid' movie at dinner one night, specifically the scene when prince Eric falls off the ship into the water and Victoria says "uh huh, he got baptized."

On a Sunday afternoon Shawn and I were asking Victoria about nursery (her class at church) and her response was a deep sigh followed by "I'm just sick of it".

While listening to her 'Beauty and the Beast' audio book, when it got to the part about the beast giving Belle a library, Victoria says, "I wish I had a library!"

One evening Shawn was cleaning out all the cat hair from the vacuum and Victoria runs over and says, "Eww. What the hell?" Shawn and I were in tears laughing so hard...but trying not to laugh, ya know, trying to be good parents.

We were all playing one day and Shawn did something Victoria wasn't too happy about so she said "You're in timeout daddy, go to a TIMEOUT"! So Shawn goes up and lays in her bed. A couple minutes later she walks upstairs and:
Victoria: "Daddy? Dad?"
Shawn: "I'm in here, in a timeout. Can I be done?"
Victoria: "Will you listen?"
Shawn: "Yes."
Victoria: "Okay. Thank you."
And then she just walked back down stairs.

Kids say the darndest things! 

She is just hilarious and has so much personality. We love her and everything that comes out of that little mouth of hers...
well, almost everything :)


Eric and Hilary said...

too funny! what a girl.

Emily M said...

Kids really say the funniest things! I love it! She is so cute!

Our Family said...

Krystal! Love your new posts! I had a quick look yesterday but didn't have time for a comment. Had to get back to see all the beautiful pictures today! Your girls are adorable!! Victoria sounds ALOT like Hailey! Oh my gosh how do we cope? Congrats on your photo business! You're very talented! Loved looking at both your blogs! Beautiful!! Keep in touch!!--Paige

The Pierce Family said...

She is so dang cute! I loved how last Tuesday evening at church she took my hand and told me she wanted to "hang out". But I must admit that the "What the hell" comment is my favorite.

Sommer said...

lol yep i agree with Tracie, that comment was my favorite too. She is such a sweetheart Krystal!

Rose said...

You used to say the darndest things too.One time You, me and Mom were waiting to cross a parking lot and you waved at a guy driving a big truck. Mom asked you who it was and you told us, very matter of fact, it was you're 7th husband.
I think you were like 4-ish.

Victoria reminds me of you. She has your attitude...That's a good thing. Luv u!

Kurt And Jeana said...

I love kids comments. Harlyn has been saying some pretty funny things lately too:)

Erin said...

Spoken like a true waldron. Grandpa would be so proud.